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10b Fate Of 3 Types of People

People fall into three divisions in this regard:
1.On group is dominated by their desire for power in the land and corruption. They do not look at the long-term or the place of return. They believe that political power is not established except with giving (generosity). Furthermore, the amount needed may not be attainable without taking that which is not lawful. So they become robbers and givers and they say: It is not possible for anyone to rule the people except one who consumes himself and feeds others. If power is obtained by one of limited appetite who neither consumes himself nor feeds others, the powers that be (leaders, chiefs, etc.) will despise him and remove him from power – if in fact they don’t harm him physically and economically. These (those who “eat and feed”) looked only at the short-term of this life and neglected the long-term vision of both this world and the next. Their fate is dismal in both this life and the hereafter – if they don’t manage to rectify their affairs with repentance and the like.
2.Another group possesses fear of Allah most high and their faith prevents them anything they believe to be despicable and oppressive of the creation and from forbidden acts generally. This is something good and in fact obligatory. However, they may believe at the same time that politics cannot be successful except by committing some of the forbidden acts that those others commit, so they abstain from it (i.e., politics) altogether. Perhaps the reality with them is actually cowardice or miserliness or a weakness of character which is combined with the degree of understanding of Islam which they possess..

# 2008-03-08 by samorgan | Islam Political Science